I have always been a geek.  I’ve never tried to hide this fact.  I don’t know if  its something ingrained in my DNA, like a mutant gene.  Or, if it is overexposure to a lot of random 1970’s and 1980’s cheeseball movies and TV shows.  My brain often works like an episode of Family Guy.  I see something mundane, and makes an instantaneous geek correlation.  Rarely do I express these thoughts, for fear that the outside world would think I’m schizophrenic.  However, I do have my geek friends.  With them, I share these thoughts, because often, they do the same thing.


When non-geek people hear the term “Geek” they get a mental image of a socially awkward virgin, with little to no friends, playing with action figures and building computers in their mother’s basement.  When geeks hear the term “Geek” they get a mental image of a person who like’s fantastical fiction and can intelligently argue the significance of those subjects despite the triviality of those nonexistent worlds.


So which group is correct?  Both.  The extreme Geek does exist, but is a dying breed.  Like homo sapiens replacing neanderthals, the modern geek has risen out of the shadows and has taken their place among the masses.  Right up there with sports fans, and NASCAR enthusiasts, a HUGE sector of the American population has embraced geek subject matters, and doesn’t hide it.  Ironically, the money making machines of Hollywood and the manufacturing industry have seen the $$$ and have capitalized on this fact. With much regret, I gratefully accept this shift in the geek economy.  For much of my childhood, trying to fulfill my geek fetishes meant paying exorbitant shipping costs importing Doctor Who related materials from England, and buying poor quality bootleg anime in Little Tokyo.  As much as I hate endorsing the mega-corporate capitalization of the geek world, there is just so much more accessibility now that being a geek is trendy.


Comic book movies are no longer for fringe groups and kids.  They are big budget blockbusters made for adults.  Flabby ex jocks in spandex unitards have been upgraded to actors forced to endure extreme exercise regimes just to get their comic book bodies.   High quality geek toys are made for adults.  Sorry, they aren’t toys.  They are replicas, collectibles, and limited editions.  Before, the only place to find these treasures were at small, often shady makeshift conventions in deserted warehouses.  Yeah, I’m talking about you Frank and Sons.  Even more strange is the concept that geeks can be sexy.  Celebrities like Vin Diesel and Ewan McGreggor play Dungeons and Dragons.   Model Adrianne Curry is an avid World of Warcraft player and Star Wars geek.  And then there is Star Wars Burlesque: 



Its amazing how many non-geek friends have come over to the Dork-Side after being exposed to geek fun.  My D&D group consists of two people that have played table top RPG’s (my wife and I), and five people that have never touched a 20-sided die before.  Now, after more than a year of playing, this group of misfit adventures have become a dysfunctional family of heroic miniature adventure. This coupled with friends that have embraced the hilarious and dorky world of geek board games makes me conclude that being a geek is not something you’re born with.  But, rather, something that you develop by opening your mind to new materials.



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